STEP 1: From LeadGrow dashboard click on Hijacker

STEP 2: Click on create a new Hijacker or any of the icon highlighted in the Screenshot

STEP 3: insert the link/URL of the post You want to hijack and click Proceed

STEP 4: Fill in the Headline and select campaign (You can upload an image for Your Post)  then click on Continue

STEP 5: Fill in the message and select a text for Your button and click Continue

STEP 6: Click on Back to Hijacker

STEP 7: Copy the URL/Link, Login to Your Facebook Page create a new post and insert the Link/URL and click Share

You have successfully Hijacked the post from the blog, once the post is clicked on in Your social media page it will automatically take them to the blog and the Form will Popup.

Once a visitor fills in the details and clicks on the button You will get their details, all in one click...

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